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Japanese Motorcycle Total Exporter Total M C Services

Auction Info

■ We Are The Regular Member Of The Two Big Auctions.
TMCS is the regular member of BDS and Arai(AAA) from their opening which are the most big auction of motorcycles. We buy motorcycles at these auctions every week.

You also can buy units there without any problems. We support you to do so.

Thousands of bikes are exhibited there every week. You would find your request models for sure.

Talented staffs and the advantageous location enable your business to be done excellent.

●BDS Auction (Kashiwa Auction Place Opening day : Every Wednesday and Friday)

●Arai Auto Auction bayside(AAA) (Opening day : Every Tuesday)

●Please ask TMCS if you need to know the current auction prices and grading systems in details.

■ You Can Reach To Both Auction Places For 60min.
BDS and Arai are both located near our office in Souka City.

You can reach to both auction places for 60min. So, you would have enough time to check the exhibited bikes before.

■ You Can Reach To The BDS Kashiwa Auction Place For 60min.
(Kashiwa Auction Place Opening day : Every Wednesday)

TOTAL・M・C・SERVICES 2-1-24 Hara-Cho Souka-City Saitama Japan Zip340-0048

TEL 81 489-46-1234
FAX 81 489-46-0820 (24 Hour)