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Japanese Motorcycle Total Exporter Total M C Services

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some general questions from customers and our replies.
Please read them before you ask us.

Are The Request Models Available ?
TMCS deals in thousands of motorcycles. We have business relationships with many suppliers. Also we have various buying route through the Auctions, Showrooms and our users. Once you request us models, we will try to get them.

Is The Condition Of Bikes OK?
TMCS usually gets the units with higher grades at the auctions.
We have a maintenance factory to offer you the high quality motorcycles.
That is why our customers overseas trust us.

Damaged Bikes During A Delivery ?
Experienced staffs of TMCS are packing your bikes carefully.
When we load the bikes into a container, we pack them by bubble papers first. In addition to that, we put used tires between each bikes as buffering materials. Tire stoppers are also applied to prevent damages during a delivery.
Documents such as B/L can be sent by FedEX or DHL which are the trust worthy courier services. Please see this for details.

Personal Order Is Available ?
We are sorry. TMCS generally does a business with traders at a container basis.

Participating An Auction?
We always welcome your visit to Japan. Pick up at the airport, participating an auction, visiting our showrooms and an arrangement of accommodation and sightseeingcWe support everything during your stay in Japan.
Please see this for details.

Additional Charges ?
TMCS has the motto of the low price and high quality services. Some exporters in Japan charge excise taxes and various delivery costs (a delivery cost from an auction place etc.). TMCS has the policy of No Charge, No Tax.

Supply Of Spare Parts Is OK?
Sure! TMCS is the one of authorized dealers of the 4 biggest Japanese motorcycle makers. We keep parts books of different models and can check the availability of spare parts stocks for each maker by on-line systems.

Non-Standard Spare Parts Are Available ?
This is also OK. TMCS deals in various kinds of Non-Standard Spare Parts ( Japanese or Foreign). We will try to meet your requests for new and used spare parts.
Not so many people do know that there are many makers who supply high quality spare parts in Japan. Please ask more about spare parts.

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TEL 81 489-46-1234
FAX 81 489-46-0820 (24 Hour)