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Japanese Motorcycle Total Exporter Total M C Services

Scooter Models

Favorite Models
TMCS stocks varieties of popular bikes by a direct buying from users as well as buying at the auctions.
We especially eager to collect following models.

Live Dio Series Dio Series
Lead Series
Tact Series

JOG Series

Sepia Series
Adrress Series
Let's Series

Condition / Rank / Price
The units stocked here at TMCS are basically traded well at the auctions and so on.
Please refer to the table regarding to the conditions and ranking systems.
The prices fluctuate according to the seasons. The current price, information and the auction prices can be asked through e-mail.

Our Stock
TMCS regularly stocks more than 300 units at our group.
You can check them directly at our showrooms.
You also can see photos of them through the web.
We can find your request models on behalf of you at the auctions.

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TOTALMECESERVICES 2-1-24 Hara-Cho Souka-City Saitama Japan Zip340-0048

TEL 81 489-46-1234
FAX 81 489-46-0820 (24 Hour)